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Support from Development to Production

We are an extension of your team, creating differentiated experiences by connecting trends, consumer insights, and brand lifestyle patterns with forward-thinking science to unlock your future growth.

Our nutrition science competency is a unique asset to support your market development, via our global nutrition science engagement, active role in global research and advocacy initiatives, and broad policy expertise with critical stakeholders and agencies. Our extensive team of highly skilled experts across our organization includes PhDs, scientists, and MDs, engineers and technologists, who enable us to publish our research in highly credible journals, and accelerate market access through regulatory dossier development for the most stringent health agencies around the world.

Product Development

It all starts with our nutrition research, including broad research development expertise, epidemiology, pre-clinical models, and human clinicals—utilizing in vitro and in vivo trials, cell factories and C. elegans. Our product development also includes our global, trans-disciplinary research initiatives and advocacy. From screening to design, we isolate and select the best strain candidates, characterize complex samples and conduct the strain’s functional evaluation. We publish clinical trials in peer-reviewed journals and conduct safety and regulatory assessments. 

Regulatory Expertise  

Our validation and scientific leadership starts with our global nutrition science engagement. It includes our professional organization leadership and cross-organization integration of nutrition initiatives. Our regulatory expertise extends to our broad nutrition policy expertise, with USDA foods/school nutrition, USDA food assistance and international development. Finally, it includes our global academia, agency and organization engagement. 

Production Capabilities

It takes commitment to turn ideas into products, from the lab to commercial production. We help you from start to finish. We begin with process design, then characterization of metabolic profiles, identification of bioactive molecules, selective screening and typing, and optimization of growth conditions. Then, product stability and cost evaluation are assessed. Finally, solutions are optimized during product prototyping PD&A, scale up (1-300L) and pilot batches production all the way through to regular and contract manufacturing. We provide know-how transfer and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) support, as well as preparing your IMF specifications.

Sequencing & Genomics

We utilize our unique massive genome sequencing capabilities, providing bioinformatics, biostatistics and advanced genomic- related analytics discussions. Our ad-hoc sequencing services include: strategy development to prevent contamination, exome sequencing, small RNA, RNAseq, and differential transcriptomics. We understand microbial ecologies and conduct complex sample characterization (bacterial or fungal microbiome using 16S rRNA or ITS, respectively and also metagenome and metatranscriptome). We also conduct strain functional evaluation, safety and regulatory assessment through whole genome sequencing. Food fraud and safety evaluation are paramount and include counterfeiting monitoring, allergen contamination, and genotyping by sequencing.

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