A Brief History

The Traders Oil Mill Company was established in 1918 in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1929, a Traders researcher began developing a high protein food derived from cottonseed. This golden-yellow flour, a protein concentrate, contained all the essential amino acids as well as many necessary vitamins and minerals. Comprehensive chemical, clinical and biological studies established the high nutritive value of Proflo® as a human food. A process was then developed to economically produce large volumes of uniform, edible grade cottonseed flour.

In 1954, Proflo was found to be an excellent nitrogen source in certain antibiotic fermentations. Since industrial proteins have certain characteristics which differ from edible proteins, Pharmamedia®, our first industrial grade cottonseed flour was established to meet these criteria. Due to changes in the market, the edible business was discontinued and an industrial grade Proflo was established. There have been several expansions in the past to meet the rapidly growing demand for cottonseed nutrients.

Today, ADM buys most of its cottonseed from the West Texas area where typically one-third of the U.S. cotton crop is grown. The consistent, high quality of West Texas cottonseed is fundamental to the company's overall ability to serve the needs of the fermentation industry.