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Pharmamedia is an economical, finely ground, yellow flour made from the embryo of cottonseed. The principle component of Pharmamedia is nonhydrolyzed globular protein. This is a natural protein of excellent quality which comes from Traders' special oil extraction process. This low temperature process reduces the denaturing of cottonseed protein, which normally is associated with other extraction procedures. Rigid quality control and raw material standards account for Pharmamedia's remarkable uniformity in batch after batch.

Bulk DensityLoose, 35 pounds per cubic foot; Packed, 40 pounds per cubic foot.
Hydroscopic PropertiesAbsorbs moisture if stored for periods of three to six months at relative humidity of 50% or higher, moisture content will increase from 2% to 7%.
Deliquescent PropertiesWill not dissolve, melt away, or undergo physical or chemical change due to moisture absorption.
Abrasiveness (Mohs' Hardness Scale)Experience has shown minimal abrasive characteristics; estimated at 1.5 on Mohs' scale.
Electrostatic PropertiesAt rest, product is not electrostatic. In motion, product can create static electricity, but it does not require grounding.
Senstivity to Air Temp. (resulting from heat of compression)Can experience problems if temperature reaches 270°F (132.2°C) or greater.
Explosion CharacteristicsKeeping temperature less than 270°F (132.2°C) should avoid any problems.
Storage in Silos1. No special treatment to inside surface of silo is necessary in regard to abrasiveness or wear.
2. Product is very stable chemically due to low moisture content and natural antioxidants; therefore , it should not be necessary to aerate silo in order to preserve quality.
Conveying SystemsAir, screw conveyors, rotor lifts, or bulk flow systems.
Angle of Repose35 (loose product in storage has sloping sides at 35 angle to surface on which it rests).
Angle of Slide35 (angle of tilt at which product begins to slide off platform in gravity method of unloading).
Loading into Sea-Bulk ContainersOptimum air volume when loading is 1000 CFM at 20 PSI.
Pressure Differential Rail CarsBulk Pharmamedia is normally shipped in these special cars.

Pharmamedia Specifications and Typical Analysis