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Pharmamedia Specifications and Typical Analysis

Pharmamedia® Finished Product Standard

Net Weight as Packed25 Kilos ± .25 Kilos 
500 Kilos ± 5 Kilos 
1000 Kilos ± 10 Kilos
% Moisture as Packed4.0% Maximum
% Protein as Packed (N x 6.25)55.0% Minimum (Dry Weight Basis)
% Oil (P. E. Extract)5.0% Maximum
Extraneous MaterialsNone
Color (Minimum reflectance through
a green filter on Photovolt reflectometer)
40 Minimum
Fineness (To pass No. 200 U.S. Standard Screen)90.0% Minimum

Pharmamedia Typical Analysis

Total Solids97.66%
Protein, Dry Weight Basis (N x 6.25)58.81%
Moisture as packed2.34%
Gossypol (Free)0.062%
Gossypol (Total)0.69%
pH (Aqueous Solution)6.5
Color (Reflectance)46
Fineness (Thru 200 Mesh)91.58%