Choosing the right starch is critical to the quality of your board. Adhesion between the liners and medium must be strong to provide strength and cushioning to protect the contents from the outside world and allow the box to maintain integrity through its life cycle. ADM offers a line of modified and unmodified starches to assist you in developing a stable and consistent viscosity that will help achieve maximum corrugator efficiency. Typical board tests such as Pin Adhesion and Edge Crush Test (ECT) will be optimized with a stable and consistent adhesive, like one derived from ADM’s starch.

Corrugated board adhesives are the second-largest application of non-food starches globally.

Starch glues are mostly based on unmodified native starches, along with additives such as borax and caustic soda. Part of the starch is gelatinized to carry the slurry of uncooked starches and prevent sedimentation. This opaque glue is called a SteinHall adhesive.

The glue is applied on the medium flute tips, after which the other paper component known as the liner is brought into contact and bonded. This is then dried under high heat, which causes the rest of the uncooked starch in the glue to swell/gelatinize. This gelatinization provides the final setting reaction making the glue a fast and strong adhesive for corrugated board production.

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