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Sweetening & Sugar Reduction Solutions

Make Sweetness Simple

It takes a lot to make sweetness simple. Sure, you need to be able to tap into the most comprehensive sweetening and sugar reduction portfolio, bar none. But, you also need unparalleled formulation expertise and technical ingenuity, to meet ever-evolving consumer demands. That’s why we’re here for you.

ADM is your partner in sweetening, offering you a variety of sweeteners—ranging from traditional classics to no and low calorie options and the latest formulations—all to help create exciting new opportunities for your brand. We use our Sweet SavvySM process, a holistic approach to sweetening that is equal parts ingredient expertise, formulation know-how and market understanding, to meet every sweetening challenge. We can get you moving with practical recommendations from our vast portfolio of sweetener products, and beyond.

ADM Sweetening Solutions

ADM Sweetening Solutions

Technical Expertise and Sugar Reduction Support

You need more than the best ingredients to make the best products. That’s where our ingredient and formulation expertise comes in. We start with a deep knowledge of the relationship between sweeteners and other ingredients. But we don’t stop there, because we understand how important it is for your sweetening solutions to seamlessly integrate into your formulation and manufacturing processes. That’s why we provide holistic solutions that keep your entire product—and brand—top of mind.

If you are looking to reduced added sugars in your product, look no further than ADM. Make the most of our in-house applications labs and sensory testing, and the unparalleled expertise of our experienced applications team. We help you navigate all of the nuances of successful sugar reduction, from changing consumer preferences to formulation challenges, as well as market supply and demand, and finally, the complex regulatory environment.

Taste is King

Refreshing, slightly sweet beverages. Indulgent, no-holds-barred sweet treats. No matter the application—and whether they want sugar or not—taste is number one with consumers. Tap into our consumer and market insights to know exactly what consumers want. Then, put our taste solutions expertise to use. We know how to perfectly balance sweetness intensity and sensorial qualities to help you deliver foods and beverages everyone will love.

Clean and Clear Label Solutions

Achieve the simple ingredients, label claims—and great taste—consumers are demanding, with our superior clean label sweetener solutions. We have the organic solution capabilities, available non-GMO products, and all-important formulation know-how to help keep your labels friendly, with consumer-pleasing results.

Most Comprehensive Sweetener Portfolio

Maintaining the most comprehensive sweetener portfolio requires constant care. We play close attention to changing market needs and take every opportunity to continue to broaden our portfolio to meet your needs.

From traditional sucrose to cutting-edge stevia, you can find the perfect sweetener here:


Nutritive sweeteners the world relies on.


Specialty nutritive, low and no calorie sweeteners


Premium natural sweetness from fruit


Optimized systems for superior results & convenience

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