Functional Native Starches

Functional Native Starches

Versatile, high poerformance, clean-label solutions.

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Clean Label & Performance

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ADM True functional native starches deliver functional performance with simple, clean label appeal. These are tapioca starches that perform like a lightly modified starch due to physical treatment, and they are ideal for use in products that undergo mild to moderate processing conditions.

Tapioca Starches—Non-GMO, Non-Grain, Gluten-Free

ADM True tapioca starches deliver great taste and texture that’s precisely on-trend—fulfilling consumer demand for clean-label offerings. Non-GMO, non-grain and gluten-free, our tapioca starches offer all the functionality to deliver superior texture, plus a clean, neutral flavor profile for the ultimate consumer-pleasing taste in your products, especially in applications where the flavor of a traditional starch is not desirable.

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