Human Rights

Human Rights

At ADM, we are committed to doing business with integrity. We believe in paving the way with good business practices, progressive solutions and mindful actions that make a positive impact. 

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Supply Chain Due Diligence

We have developed and are implementing a supply chain due diligence process that aims to prevent, resolve and/or mitigate adverse impacts on people and the environment in our supply chain.  Our program allows us to set and communicate clear expectations with our customers and monitor compliance, serving as an enforcement mechanism.

There are six integral parts of our program:
Policy Commitment

  • Risk and Impact Assessment
  • Implementing Effective Actions
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Grievance and Remedy

Six Integral parts of our program shown as an image

Grievances and Resolutions

We will investigate all allegations of non-compliance with our policies in accordance with our protocol and procedures.

Concerns can be submitted to