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ADM Texturants: Plant-Based Creators of Quality

You’ve created a product with delicious flavor and a quality nutritional profile. Now you need to make sure your formulation is consistent, smooth, perfectly textured, luscious and stable. That’s where ADM's portfolio of high-quality texturants come to the rescue.

ADM texturants are exceptionally versatile ingredients that can help you create and calibrate the perfect texture, viscosity, delicacy, mouthfeel and stability for your product.

As far back as the 1940s, ADM pioneered texturant and soy lecithin production in the U.S., carefully building up, over decades, its wide U.S.-sourced and produced plant-based portfolio of emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, polyols and new hydrocolloid solutions options.

Offering you unrivaled texturant choices, ADM backs up each offering with our unequaled depth of experience, vast global distribution network and direct relationships with primary suppliers. All of this gives you unparalleled technical support and consumer research. Our customizable hydrocolloid solutions, clean label assurances of sustainability and transparency and unmatched logistics are all designed to get you to the market on time.


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