ARTCo Barge & Stevedoring

ARTCo Barge & Stevedoring

American River Transportation Company (ARTCo) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADM.

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ARTCo operates a fully integrated transportation network on the inland waterways. Operations consist of one of the largest covered hopper barge fleets in North America, a vast network of harbor services locations on the river system, linehaul towing vessels, and a large stevedoring operation in the gulf.


The full line of operations includes:

  • Covered hopper barges
  • Tank barges
  • Line-haul boats
  • Harbor and fleeting services
  • Harbor boats
  • Full-service shipyard
  • Cleaning services
  • Stevedoring cranes

These assets allow ARTCo to deliver products to their final destination in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. ARTCo also provides third-party towing services on the Lower Mississippi, Upper Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio River.


ARTCo Stevedoring

ARTCo Stevedoring operates within an 11-mile footprint, from mile 110 to mile 121 on the Lower Mississippi River. With seven floating cranes and seven discharge locations—including midstream and hard docks—ARTCo operates the largest fleeting operation in New Orleans that supports the barge line and stevedoring.

Integrating with Supply Chains

Managing global supply chains while working to minimize costs is a complex, constantly changing process. We understand these challenges and tailor our stevedoring services to integrate seamlessly into your supply chain and make it as efficient and effective as possible.

Our large fleet of Gottwald/Terex cranes is specifically engineered to transship bulk, break-bulk and project cargo, including grain, fertilizers, salt, steel products, coal and much more, between oceangoing vessels and river barges on the Mississippi.

Midstream stevedoring provides the most efficient transfer of bulk cargo between ocean vessels and river barges. This direct transloading of cargo provides five key benefits:

  • The number of cranes can be increased or decreased to maximize available facility capacity
  • Cargo loss is minimized through a single “touch” of the product and sealed buckets
  • The possibility of contamination is greatly reduced or even eliminated
  • The ability to take advantage of inland waterway flexibility
  • The lowest cost transfers available to shippers




ARTCo Stevedoring
Main Contact
Kevin Van Meter
Phone 217-412-8414
Brent Boeckmann
Gulf Operations
Phone 504-431-5792
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