No-Deforestation. No-Conversion

No-Deforestation, No-Conversion

Our planet's ecosystems provide us with essential resources, such as clean air, water and food. By preserving and conserving these natural habitats, we can ensure the sustainability of our environment and the well-being of future generations.

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ADM is committed to 100% deforestation-free across all our supply chains by December 31, 2025.

ADM is committed to 100% conversion-free soybean sourcing in high-risk regions of South America with a cut-off date of December 31, 2025.

To meet our 2025 deforestation-free goal, we identified four key actions: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive deforestation risk assessment for all commodity and ingredient supply chains.
  • For high-risk supply chains, identify direct and indirect volumes and determine a method for traceability.
  • Develop monitoring protocols and supplier engagement plans to measure deforestation-free volumes.
  • Engage a third party to verify results.

No-Deforestation, No-Conversion

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Palm Supply Chain

ADM sources palm products including palm oil, palm kernel oil, and palm kernel expeller globally. Check out our progress.

Action Plan
Progress Report

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Soy Supply Chain

ADM sources soybeans in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay in South America. Check out our progress.

Action Plan
Progress Report

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In 2023, ADM engaged an independent group of experts to assess the potential climate impacts of deforestation and conversion of primary native vegetation in South America.

Assessment Report

Grievances and Resolutions

We will investigate all allegations of non-compliance with our policies in accordance with our protocol and procedures.

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