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Global Consumer Trends

Discover the key trends fueling global growth, and how ADM can help you unlock winning innovation and opportunity.

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2023 Global Consumer Trends

Based on in-depth proprietary research and a network of trend spotters around the world, our annual snapshot highlights the key trend spaces poised to drive growth in the year ahead.

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Balanced Wellness

Deeply rooted in the mind/body connection, consumers are proactively taking care of their health by seeking nutrient-dense, functional foods, beverages, and supplements that support physical and mental wellness.

Expanded Protein Choices

Conscientious consumers are opting for next-generation plant and animal-based proteins that value positive nutrition, sustainability, and exploration.

Proactive Personalization

As technology becomes smarter and more accurate, consumers will expect increasingly customized options that align with their individualized wellness goals, personal taste preferences, and specific dietary lifestyle needs.

Social Impact

Consumers are demanding stronger ethics and accountability from companies and are pushing for positive change in how their products are made.​

Modern Pet Parenting

Pet parents are seeking sustainable, holistic solutions that are tailored to their pet’s unique mental and physical health needs.

Earth-Friendly Production

Consumers are demanding innovative, technology, and technique-driven solutions across industries that go beyond merely minimizing waste and resource use to restoring and rebuilding the environment.

Trust & Traceability

Driven by a demand for transparency and traceability, consumers increasingly desire a connection to the products they buy and the communities they support.

Experiential Eating

Consumers are seeking more immersive, multi-sensorial, unique, and enriching products and services that take their dining experiences to the next level.


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