Acidulants, Citric Acid & Citrates

Acidulants, Citric Acid & Citrates

ADM's acidulants leverage expertise in sourcing plant-based ingredients, market risk management and an unparalleled global supply chain.

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The Finishing Touch on Flavor, Stability & Moisture Control

Citric acid and citrates provide important functional benefits across a range of applications—flavor, tartness, high solubility, buffering capacity, chelation of metals and antioxidant (preservative) properties.

More Applications, More Benefits

Acidulants bring a range of functionality to applications, from providing tartness and enhancing flavor to extending shelf life by controlling pH which is an important contribution to managing growth of microorganisms.

ADM's portfolio offers acidulant solutions for any application:

  • Food and beverage
    • Carbonated soft drinks, confections, flavor systems and more
  • Health and wellness
    • Pharma supplements, excipients and more
  • Biosolutions
    • Personal care, descaling and more

Consistent Quality & Reliable Supply

In a business where scale and efficiency matter, ADM is a leader in logistics with a world reknown crop transportation network. Across the globe, we have spent over 100 years building market knowledge, reliable infrastructure, manufacturing expertise and most importantly—customer trust. In addition, our broad range of citric acid and acidulants, full-service beverage formulation and vast experience make us a leader in this space.

The Right Products

Our citric acid portfolio leverages our deep expertise in sourcing plant-based ingredients, our mastery of market risk management and our unparalleled global supply chain and logistics to bring you quality ingredients at a competitive cost.

Citric Acid*

  • Used for pH adjustment, antioxidant preservative, chelating agent, flavor adjustment, flavor enhancement and mineral absorption
  • Best for alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, bakery, dairy, culinary sauces, dressings and flavor applications

Sodium Citrate*

  • Dihydrate and anhydrous available
  • Used as an "emulsifying salt" for process cheese products, as a buffering agent with citric acid for precise pH control and as a curing accelerator in meat products
  • Odorless and soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol

Potassium Citrate*

  • Used for acidity regulation, food preservation, emulsification, as an alkalizing agent and as a substitute for sodium citrate in low-sodium applications


  • Used to impart a clean, refreshing tartness
  • May also be used as a sequestrant of metal ions to contribute protection from off-flavors and off-odors
  • 50% citric acid solution produced by re-dissolving citric acid anhydrous crystals

Versions available that meet specifications established in monographs by United States Pharmacopeia and Food Chemicals Codex.

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