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ADM Construction

As the construction industry moves to a sustainable future, ADM provides nature derived and bio-based solutions to help address industry challenges.

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Plant-Based Answers to Construction Questions

The construction industry contains many segments that utilize applications such as adhesive and sealant production, dry mix, concrete sealing and cement modification, gypsum and wall board. A common factor across many is that they deploy a significant volume of both inorganic and organic materials to create the final building materials and products.

To be used in the construction industry, the finished products must deliver several key features, including durability, water and moisture resistance, flexibility and adhesion to a variety of substrates. The formulations and production processes to form the optimal product containing the right properties depend heavily on mixing and blending.


Growing Sustainably

The construction industry value chain is experiencing a growing need for an improved sustainability footprint. ADM’s plant-based and nature derived raw materials portfolio can offer product developers and formulators a viable alternative in their efforts to balance stringent performance requirements with reducing the levels of fossil fuel based ingredients in their formulated products.

Our proven, nature derived raw materials and technologies can support reduction of petrochemical ingredients in the formulation and potentially provide the formulator with an opportunity to differentiate their product due to increased levels of biocarbon content in the final product formulation. All of our expertise and technology supports the production and application of construction products and materials.


Key Applications

Our construction solutions and technology support the following applications:

  • Emulsification
  • Natural film-forming resins and polymers
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Rheology modification
  • Water and moisture barrier polymers

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