Sugar Reduction Solutions

Sugar Reduction

In a world where people are searching for foods and beverages to help live healthier lives, reducing the amount of sugars they consume is often the most common goal.

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Replicate Full Sugar Taste & Performance

Ingredients must work in unison to successfully achieve sugar reduction targets. Explore how our flavorists and ingredient scientists collaborate to fully replicate full sugar taste and functionality across various pathways to sugar reduction.

Sweetness without Compromise

Consumers are limiting added sugars and searching for cleaner label solutions by checking labels, reducing consumption and seeking out products with positive claims. They are also more aware of sugar's potential impact on their bodies and take a more proactive approach towards health and wellness.


But while consumers are keen on reducing sugar, great taste and indulgence still play an important role in enjoyment and even have emotional benefits. ADM helps strike the right balance with the most comprehensive portfolio of sugar reduction solutions.

Sweet Taste of Success

Sweetening solutions play a key role in reducing sugars in your products, but there are many factors you need to consider when formulating to reduce sugars. The solution must:

  • Tailor to your product and brand requirements
  • Interact well with other ingredients
  • Perform with proper functionality and superior taste
  • Meet shifting consumer preferences
  • Accord with the complex regulatory and supply chain landscape
  • Address cost considerations

Fortunately, ADM’s SweetEdge® Sugar Reduction Toolbox of sweeteners and complementary ingredients has all the right tools, backed by the technical expertise to help your products succeed.

Our ongoing proprietary market research and consumer insights anticipate changing consumer preferences, while our formulation expertise is backed by science, custom ingredient development, R&D innovation and ingredient optionality for every functional or nutrition-driven formulation need.

Responsibly sourced, non-GMO, organic and other options meet all labeling requirements, while our solid relationships with growers, suppliers and regulatory bodies around the world help you navigate the complex regulatory and supply chain landscape.  


The Right SweetEdge® Solutions



SweetEdge® solutions deliver the building blocks to reduce sugar and boost appeal. These turnkey systems replace the full functionality of sugar in order to deliver an unmatched level of sweetness and label appeal for your products like never before.

Replace Sweetness

With our comprehensive sweetener portfolio, we offer core and foundational sweeteners, specialty nutritive, fruit-based and low and no-calorie ingredients to meet your sugar reduction targets.

Rebalance Flavor

Flavors with modifying properties reduce undesirable notes and improve mouthfeel perception for a high-quality sweetness that's as close to sugar as possible.

Our characterizing flavors bring profiles that complement your sweetener system and improve overall taste perception.

Rebuild Functionality

Sugars have a multitude of functional properties that maintain the texture, stability and nutrition functionlity in finished goods. When we reduce sugars in formulation we must rebuild these building blocks with enabling ingredients from our sugar reduction toolbox.


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