Industrial Oils

Industrial Oils

ADM’s industrial oils have the power to perform. Our comprehensive portfolio of plant-based oils and our technical know-how is broad and deep.

ADM’s plant-based industrial oils can be used in a wide range of industrial applications as a viable alternative to petrochemical based oils.

Plant-Based Oils With the Power to Perform

Whether you need a customized blend or an off-the-shelf oil, we have options to meet your requirements. Our plant-based oils meet performance demands in a wide range of industrial applications.


An Edge You Need to Get Ahead

Product formulators and developers across the industry are on the lookout for ways to optimize performance and drive innovation. Regulatory pressures for safer additives are fueling the interest to investigate other options and more sustainable solutions. With a large and comprehensive portfolio of oils in the industry accompanied by broad and deep technical ingenuity, ADM is your trusted partner to deliver plant-based oils formulated with the consistent quality and stability you depend on. We’re committed to helping you create a product that delivers in every way. We’re driving innovation and trends and have a dependable supply chain to back it up. With more than 100 years of experience in vegetable oil formulation, we understand the challenges you face and give you a competitive edge.

Resourceful and Committed

We have industry-advancing innovations that work to complement your ability to get a product to market quickly and efficiently. Through years of experience and working closely with the industry we have the understanding and capabilities to support you in your product development needs.

We’re committed. We’re bold. We’re resourceful. We don’t shy away from being the best in the business and we want you to be as well.

Key Benefits

Across our portfolio, ADM industrial oils offer key benefits:

  • Plant-based alternative to petrochemical
  • More formulation opportunities
  • High performance
  • High quality
  • Good stability
  • Cost efficiency

A Complete Portfolio to Suit All Your Applications

No matter what your application, consider ADM as your go-to partner.

Currently, there are emerging trends to shift process oils from petroleum-based to bio-based due to safety and compliance regulations. This is fueling the need to investigate safer and more viable options to optimize performance and drive innovation. We are a market leader in high-performance oils used for a broad range of industrial applications. Our plant-based industrial oils help you create products that deliver excellence and value to your customer.

Asphalt Applications

ADM products are used as hot mix additives, warm mix additives, polymers, adhesive components, rejuvenating agents, flexing agents, waxes, solvents and surface lubricants.

Read more about our oils for asphalt applications, and the performance and value advantages they provide.


Lubricant Applications

ADM oils for lubrification offer better lubricity and a lower foam profile than mineral oil when used as lubricity additives for metalworking fluids, drilling fluids and gear oils.

Read more about our oils for lubricant applications, and the performance and value advantages they provide.

Oilfield and Mining Applications

ADM oils for oilfield and mining applications are used as lubricity additives, cleaners, rust preventatives, solvents, boundary lubricants and cross-linking and release agents.

Read more about our oils for oilfield & mining applications, and the performance and value advantages they provide.

Rubber, Plastic & Adhesive Applications

ADM oils for rubber applications offer strong surface attraction to increase tire grip in icy or wet conditions, reduce wear and maintain grip as the tire ages when used as process oils, plasticizers and adhesive components.

Read more about our oils for rubber, plastic and adhesive applications, and the performance and value advantages they provide.

Other Applications

ADM industrial oils can also be used for a variety of other applications, including agricultural sprays, cleaning products, coatings, dust control and personal care products.

Agricultural Sprays

ADM product are used as carriers, solvents, and adjuvants.


ADM product are used as carrying agents, solvents, degreasers and adhesive removers.

Coatings, Paints and Inks

ADM product are used for paint varnishes, inks, coatings, resins, carrying agents and solvents.

Dust Control

ADM product are used for glass fiber insulation, road dust control, coal dust control and frack dust control.

Personal Care

ADM product are used as carriers, solvents and starting materials.

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