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Achieve a leading edge with consumer-preferred products backed by clinical studies. Learn how our research, innovation, and expansive portfolio are paving new pathways in microbiome wellness for brands—just like yours—around the world.

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From culture to customer—and everything in between.

The connection between microbiome health and overall wellness is being embraced by consumers at an increasing rate. In fact, 58 percent of global consumers are aware of the benefits that bacteria have in the digestive system¹ and are attributing its impact to a wide variety of wellness areas, including digestive and immune health, healthy aging, mental wellness, and weight management.  

ADM is on the cutting edge of research and innovation in microbiome solutions. Our state-of-the-art microbiome development strategy has resulted in next-generation functional ingredients that comprise the most comprehensive portfolio available. In addition, we provide end-to-end resources that help you get to market faster with premium solutions for functional food and beverages, dietary supplements, pharma, pets and animal nutrition.  

¹Hartmann Group Oct 2021 

Meeting Consumers’ Wellness Needs

ADM’s science-based solutions help you create functional food and beverages with ingredients that provide a wide range of consumer benefits.

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Digestive Health

Create products that modulate the microbiome and help with digestion and food sensitivities with our wide range of pre, pro, and postbiotics as well as phages and enzymes.

Immune Function

Help meet growing demand for immune function support with our Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM I-4036 probiotics.

Metabolic Health

Cardiovascular support and weight management can be achieved with our BPL1™ probiotic, BPL1™ postbiotic and our Nattozimes® enzymes.

Active Lifestyle

From sports nutrition to muscle support and joint health, we can help you with our Active Lifestyle Blend, DE111®, ProHydrolase® and Serrazimes®.

Women’s Health

Weight management, skin health, and more are impacted by microbiome help. ADM probiotics can help.

Beauty from Within

Skin health can be improved with our clinically studied AD Blend and Smooth Skin Blend probiotics.

Healthy Living

Everything from healthy aging to women’s health can be helped with our probiotics, including Mood & Stress Blend, Active Lifestyle Blend, and Male Virility Blend.

Mental Wellbeing

Support focus, mood, and stress with products that include our Mood & Stress Blend probiotic, as substantiated in in-vitro models.

Discover our full suite of solutions.

Our microbiome resources go far beyond ingredients. We can help with everything—from culture to customer. From trend identification to clinical testing to strain creation, when you work with ADM, you get the experience, innovation, and drive it takes to get a competitive edge with high-quality microbiome solutions.

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