Home Care & Cleaning Solutions

Home Care & Cleaning Solutions

ADM has a portfolio of plant-based ingredients that help create novel products in the Home and Personal Care market.

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Plant-Based Solutions for Your Products

Whether you need a solution to create novel products for dishwashing, sanitizing or cleaning or have the need to replace fossil fuel based ingredients with nature derived material, ADM has a portfolio of plant-based ingredients that balances functionality with performance and increased level of natural ingredients in your formulation. Home care and cleaning products include both consumer and professional products, yet they all have in common the need for high performance combined with an increasing need for naturally-derived ingredients.


To increase the nature-derived content of your final product formulation, we offer plant-based products and solutions that are designed to support your performance needs coupled with the need for increased levels of nature derived materials in your formulations. The use of plant-based ingredients in your formulated products can offer options to meet your internal sustainability goals and possibly provides for product differentiation and repositioning claims.

Our product and solution portfolio can be applied in the production and application of home care and cleaning products.


Key Applications

Our home care and cleaning solutions and technology support the following applications:

  • Carrier solvents
  • Descaling
  • Emulsification
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Rheology modification

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