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Give pet parents science-backed solutions that can support the health and wellness of their canine and feline companions.

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Fostering Pet Wellness

With consumers identifying more as pet parents and less as pet owners, there’s a growing investment in the health of their furry family members. This has left a need for products that can help support the overall wellbeing of pets or that target particular body systems by maintaining a healthy microbiome.

As leaders in microbiome solutions, we understand the significant role that a healthy gut can have in the wellness of both pets and their humans. We’ve developed science-backed microbiome solutions that can be applied in a variety of formats including pet foods, treats and supplements.

Read our case study to discover how consumer trends are shaping the pet wellness space, and how you can deliver on these demands with science-backed pet products made with pre, pro, and postbiotic strains that can maintain digestive health, oral health, and support the immune system.


The Root of Wellness

Discover how our portfolio of science-backed pre, pro, and postbiotics can help you develop the pet products consumers seek for the wellness of their pets in various health areas.

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Digestive Health

Pet parents want products that offer functional digestive claims. Several of our ingredients can support digestion, including DECA9, gut health probiotics, Fibersol® prebiotic fiber, and PreforPro® bacteriophage blend.

Oral Care

Oral care is a significant concern for pet owners. It’s an emerging application for postbiotics.

Metabolic Health & Weight Management

Metabolic health is a quickly growing category for functional pet products. Our metabolic health pro- and postbiotics can provide successful weight management in pets.

Immune Function

Probiotics have seen immense growth in pet products. We offer science-backed ingredients like DE111® probiotics and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and CNCM 1-4036 can help support pets’ immune systems in a variety of applications.

Skin Health

As the second biggest microbiome after the gut, our ingredient blends can help consumers give their pets healthy skin and coats from the inside out. We offer AD Blends (ES1 + BPL1 +BPL4) and Smooth Skin Blends (ES1 + BPL1 +BPL15).

Mental Wellbeing

Research shows the connection a healthy gut can play in the mood stability of humans. Our Mental Wellbeing Blend (ES1 + BPL15) can do the same for furry companions.


A particularly important area for pet supplements, our portfolio of ingredients can help promote better joint health through key microbiome solutions.

General Wellness

We boast several clinically researched ingredients that can help promote the overall wellness of pets in different health areas and life stages, including BPL1™ pro and postbiotics, DE111® probiotics, and ES1 pro and postbiotics.

More Applications. More Benefits.

Our line of prebiotic and postbiotic solutions are highly stable, enabling formulation flexibility for use across a diverse range of applications.

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From traditional formats including capsules and tablets, to novel formats including soft chews and sachets.


Taste meets functionality with crunchy and meaty pet treats, dental chews, and training reward treats that provide added health and wellness benefits.


Our postbiotics solutions can be formulated into a variety of pet food formats including kibble, wet food, liquid toppers and freeze-dried products to name a few.

Bulk Blends

In addition to developing finished formats, we can also provide blends and bulk powders that offer the benefits you desire for your products.

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