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Savor the possibilities. No matter how healthy, convenient, cost-effective or sustainable a product is, if it doesn't taste good, it simply won't be successful.

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2024 Flavor and Color Outlook

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Above All, Taste

ADM's flavors, Extracts and Distillates allow you to match your products to your consumers' tastes. Our intimate expertise in working with our entire pantry of ingredients results in very specific know-how about creating flavors that can synergistically enhance your product base in a variety of applications.

Achieving Flavor Excellence

Achieving the perfect balance of art and science is possible with ADM's global flavor team. Composed of flavorists, flavor scientists, and process flavor engineers, we work collaboratively with product developers to ensure the right flavor profile for the right product.

Whether for a consumer packaged good or for foodservice, whether for beverages, sweet, dairy, savory or culinary applications, ADM has a full portfolio of flavors to help you achieve consumer preference for your brand.

Read more about our Flavors and Essentials, and Sugar Reduction Solutions in our Interactive Brochures.ADM is deeply invested in sustainability, which is also key for of highly popular flavor families.

Ingenuity You Can Rely On

At ADM, we are deeply dedicated to raw materials sourced from nature. We bring together plant science and technology with formula expertise to create the highest quality natural flavors and ingredients.

We leverage an extract distillation process designed specifically for flavor extracts that delivers 100% natural, highly concentrated flavors standardized from crop to crop and season to season. Our broad portfolio of proprietary ingredients and blends helps to improve the taste experience of the foods and beverages today's consumers demand.

With a palette of flavors for taste modulation and a full pantry of ingredients, ADM flavor scientists have the ultimate toolbox at their disposal to help you with full product development. Whether you need to build back sweetness perception or umami, replicate full fat or full sugar mouthfeel, mask flavor off-notes, bitterness or astringency, cut off aftertastes or increase salt perception—the possibilities are endless.

An Impressive Portfolio of Flavor Solutions

Bring your flavor challenge to our team of experts. We will work side-by-side with you to find the right flavor solution, whether you need a standardized system or a customized solution.


We Offer:

  • Natural flavors
  • Clean-label solutions
  • Different varietal and provenance flavors & extracts
  • Taste technologies
  • Best-in-class mint flavor
  • Responsibly-sourced, traceable vanilla
  • Leading citrus flavor extraction

Formulation Solutions

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