Swine Feed & Products

Swine Feed & Products

Genetics, herd health and nutrition are key elements in successful swine production. ADM targets efficiency and performance with its swine products.

A close up of a swine
 A close up of a pig

Nutrition for Successful Swine Production

When it comes to market pressures, supply chain transparency and environmental stewardship, we understand that your operation is unique and requires personalized solutions.

ADM offers a broad portfolio of ingredients to meet all feed production needs. We also deliver solutions that help you optimize nutrition, maximize performance, and stay ahead of the market with improved outcomes.

We want to partner with you to create solutions that solve your nutrition and animal health challenges.

Pantry of Swine Solutions

Produce lean pork efficiently and profitably with successful swine feed products and programs that combine successful research, innovation and industry expertise.

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  • AncoFit® 
  • CitriStim®
  • DaaFit
  • Empirical® Enzymes
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A close up of starter feed pellets for pigs
  • CitriStim®
  • DaaFit
  • EmpiraPro™
  • Empirical® Enzymes
A close up of a corn sowed in wet soil
 A close up of swine feed
  • Amino Acids
  • CitriStim®
  • Empirical® Enzymes
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Enhance adaptive capacity

Our Edge

We give customers an edge in solving the nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Complete Portfolio

ADM is a leader in animal nutrition with a global footprint and complete portfolio of solutions to meet your needs. From ingredients to distribution of finished products and services.

Nutrition Expertise

ADM’s global network of animal nutrition experts help create customized solutions for your needs; including farming management, raw materials, specialized formulations, and more.

Market Knowledge

With over 60 years of experience in the animal nutrition industry, ADM has the know-how and research capabilities to help you succeed today and into the future.

Innovation Capabilities

ADM is a leader in industry-advancing innovation. With our global R&D centers, we are constantly investigating new innovations and optimizing existing resources to serve you better.

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