At ADM, we have an unwavering commitment to global sustainability to create positive impact on the world and contribute to the greater good. 

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Action Plan and Goals

Decarbonization is a critical driver of our sustainability efforts, and of our future growth. From leadership in regenerative agriculture, to first-in-the-industry CCS capabilities, to work enhancing efficiency and biofuels use in our transportation fleet, to projects to replace coal-fired boilers at key facilities, to expanding procurement of renewable energy, we’re exploring every viable option to decarbonize our operations and value chain, positioning ADM as the provider of choice of low-carbon intensity feedstocks and empowering the industries we serve to usher in a bold new era.

Reports and Policies

Projected Scope 1+2 GHG Reduction Glidepath and Timeline

To meet our Scope 1+2 reduction goal, we have investigated a broad range of technologies and solutions and developed a plan to guide our efforts toward achieving our Scope 1 + 2 GHG reduction target. This glidepath is an estimate and subject to change depending on a variety of factors, including emerging technologies, regulatory and policy changes, and permitting processes.