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North America

In North America, ADM provides vital links in the agricultural processing chain, working closely with farmers at one end of the chain, and manufacturers at the other to turn crops into an array of products. We source, transport and process crops into ingredients for food products, animal feed, renewable fuels and naturally derived industrial chemicals.

Our North American headquarters in Decatur, Illinois, is in the agricultural heart of North America, where ADM’s legacy of innovation and service to customers began in Minnesota more than a century ago. Today, 320 ADM facilities in 40 U.S. locations process soybeans, corn and wheat—the nation’s three largest crops—as well as beans, milo, oats, barley and peanuts.

From a bushel of corn we can create 24 products. We make corn sweeteners, lysine and other ingredients for food and feed. Corn syrup from our wet mills provides sweetening in cereals, candies, soft drinks and more. Virtually every meal in America contains at least one ADM ingredient. We also make ethanol, a critical component of the U.S. transportation fuel supply.

At nearly 40 U.S. plants, we transform oilseeds—soybeans, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, canola, peanuts and flaxseed—into vegetable oils and meals. Products made from our oils include foods such as margarine, industrial products such as paints, and animal feed additives such as lecithin.

As we do worldwide, we work to be a responsible citizen in the United States by providing jobs and economic opportunity, and by investing and volunteering in our communities to make them better places for living, working and doing business. Learn more.

In Canada, we process wheat, durum and oilseeds such as canola and sunflower. We also produce lecithin and animal feeds. Our 42 Canadian facilities include crushing plants and refineries for oilseeds, a fertilizer blending plant, elevators, bakery-mix plants, sales offices and plants for animal feed.

ADM Alliance Nutrition produces and sells nutritional premixes for livestock, poultry and pets. It also distributes ADM feed ingredients, medications and other products for animal health.

In Mexico, we operate soybean and corn processing plants. We also market protein meals, oils and byproducts derived from oilseeds and corn, many of which are used in animal feeds.

In Belize, ADM operates the nation’s only wheat-flour mill and a feed mill that produces feed for livestock, poultry and shrimp.

ADM is also active in the Caribbean. In Trinidad and Tobago, we focus on poultry feeds. On the island of Barbados we run a flour mill. We have grain-trading joint ventures in the Dominican Republic. A premix operation in Puerto Rico serves livestock farmers by providing innovative products that are essential to animal nutrition. ADM operates plants in Jamaica for bakery mix and rice milling. In Grenada, we import wheat and mill flour for baking and other ingredients for animal feeds.