Other Species & Offerings

Other Species & Offerings

Beyond cattle, poultry and swine, ADM creates nutritional products for a host of other creatures, including deer and elk, game birds, rabbits and show animals. All are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of each species and yield superior results.

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Feed for All Kinds of Animals

Our team of nutritionists, feed technologists, engineers, chemists, microbiologists and biochemists work tirelessly—together with allied industry members and universities—to secure and commercialize new technologies to support your specialty animals.

Game Birds

Counted among game birds are wild game, decorative fowl raised for their meat or egg production and flight-ready birds for release on hunting preserves or by state wildlife agencies. Pheasant, quail, chukar, duck, geese and wild turkeys are just some of the game birds commonly bred and raised both for meat and for release. Each species has specific brooding, rearing, breeding and nutritional needs, especially during different periods of development.

Partnering with ADM supports your successful game bird production with a sound nutritional program, along with proper management through all stages of development, including starter, grower and breeder phases.

We help you provide critical nutrients needed for fast, efficient development and growth, and ensure full potential for fertility and hatchability in the breeding flock.

Deer & Elk

Because proper nutrition yields better herds, landowners and hunters often support deer and elk management with a steady diet that is part of a well-balanced, year-round feeding plan*.

Supplementation can make a significant difference during times of limited forage and extreme environmental stress. The availability of proper nutrients and minerals is critical year-round. This proven program incorporates the latest technical advances in cervid nutrition with ADM’s field-tested and proven formulation and feed technology techniques. The formulations can be utilized with changing browse, forage conditions and animal requirements.

Our deer and elk products are available throughout the United States.

*Feeding deer/elk in the wild is illegal in some areas. Check with local wildlife officials.


A rabbit’s ability to achieve high productivity is strongly influenced by the nutrition it receives. ADM rabbit feeds are ideal for both growing young kits, and developing and maintaining breeder does and bucks. Supported by over 100 years of feed formulation history, we provide good nutrition that allows you to achieve the best experience in raising rabbits.


Show Animals

Achieving championship performance by your show animals requires the best in nutrition and support. From pigs to poultry to cattle, sheep and goats, ADM's research-proven and time-tested products and programs incorporate the latest in innovative feed technologies along with patented processes and proprietary ingredients that enable show animals to reach their peak genetic presentation potential.

Our show animal products are available throughout the United States.

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