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Container Services

ADM Logistics Container Services provides end-to-end logistics on a global scale. The use of standard sized containers enables companies to distribute their products internationally without having to own a shipping asset or charter entire vessels. Containers can hold products from bulk agriculture, scrap paper/steel and farm equipment to electronics, clothing and packaged foods. ADM Logistics provides intermodal container transportation solutions via truck, rail, barge and ocean-going vessel, reaching the world.

Through our privately owned intermodal rail facility in Decatur, Illinois, ADM Logistics can provide flexible intermodal container shipping options for companies looking to connect their Midwest operations to the East, West and Gulf Coasts of North America. The ramp offers non-congested, toll-free access to one of the country’s heaviest truck and rail traffic flows, including four railroads— CN, DCC, DREI and NS — and five major roadways—Interstates 72, 55, 74, 57 and U.S. Highway 51.

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