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Food and Beverage Solutions

We’re ingenious when it comes to ingredients—and every single thing you need to succeed

We know that it takes a whole lot more than an extensive portfolio of both tried-and-true and on-trend ingredients to make the food and beverage products consumers love to eat and drink. It takes real know-how, an eye on the future, a resolute day-in, day-out commitment, and inspired collaborative thinking to make great forward-thinking products come together.

That’s why ADM delivers it all.
We think that creating consumer-pleasing foods and beverages is a science, an art, and a business—and we love creating the perfect balance for your success.

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We know ingredients inside and out. Our extensive food and beverage ingredient portfolio is just one measure of our commitment to provide you with the best possible solutions for consumer-winning applications. And, we continue to add new on-trend items to ensure our pantry of solutions is always at the ready, perfectly stocked with both the latest and the tried-and-true ingredients, for your next challenge and your next success.

Enlightened Expertise

We keep a global eyes-wide-open, consumer-centric view of the emerging trends that affect your products, because to succeed, we all need to know what consumers want today, and tomorrow. This shared knowledge and deep understanding of consumer behaviors inspires our commitment and the technical ingenuity necessary to find just the right solution to help you answer their demands. We love nothing more than putting on our thinking caps to help solve your most daunting challenges using our entire pantry of ingredient solutions—no matter what your application or functional requirements.

Need to have a simpler label? Reduce sugar? Enhance nutrition? Add plant-based proteins? Your challenges are solved, here. Our proprietary consumer insights keep you ahead of trends, poised to hit the market with a new product as a trend is building, not after its peaked. We use sensory testing designed to get results—and three U.S.-based application labs to mimic your process and scale up solutions quickly and efficiently—to help you get to market faster and make the most of the big wide world of food and beverage opportunities.

Sustainable Supply

To keep your business nimble and to help sustain your peace of mind, we are committed to the quality assurance and global supply chain integrity that keep everything working—and moving—for you, every day.

That’s a big commitment, so how do we do it?

We do it with our industry-leading quality standards, vertical integration, and unparalleled infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities, including:

  • 450 crop procurement locations
  • 330+ food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities
  • 62 innovation centers
  • The world’s premier crop transportation network