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Jump start your customer-pleasing product with our Culinary Food Bases. We make it easier to get to market faster and more efficiently, with our tasty, consistent and clean label products. Our team of chefs, culinary taste experts, consumer researchers, and technical experts deliver the taste your customers love. Even better, they are completely customizable to your exacting specifications, easy to use, and backed by our world-class supply chain management and quality assurance.

Our culinary team chops real, wholesome foods in small batches and slowly roasts, sweats or braises them to release intense flavor and aroma volatiles, captured in a paste-like base. This “real food” approach opens a multitude of clean and clear label and customer appealing claim possibilities, depending on your product: organic, kosher, yeast-only, USDA all-natural minimally processed, no-antibiotics-ever, reduced sodium, vegetarian, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Food Bases

Water soluble and easy to disperse in your system, these highly concentrated pastes support a 1 – 3% usage rate for cost effective production. Created using taste-forward, small-scale techniques focused on simple ingredients and familiar cooking methods, our food bases easily deliver multi-dimensional flavor profiles in large-scale production. Bases help deliver signature flavor, mouthfeel, aroma and natural color in one easy-to-use system designed for delightful eating experiences. Available in:

  • Meat & Poultry-flavor forward broths, stocks, bases and concentrates
  • Dairy concentrates
  • Vegetarian bases and concentrates
  • Seafood bases
  • Brown butter base
  • Cooking cues (spicy, smoky, roasted, baked, etc.)
  • Authentic ethnic flavor cues (Asian, Latin, Indian, Korean, etc.)


Our concentrated no-salt added stock technology delivers the same mouthfeel and rich, well-balanced flavor impact as stock or broth with huge cost savings. This allows you to buy, use and inventory less. Replaces meat or poultry stock on a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio; vegetable stock at a 1:3 ratio.

Spice Pastes

Deliver complex, concentrated flavors in one easy-to-use paste. Don’t worry about combining multiple spices or time-intensive preparation methods; we’ve done all the work for you with our flavorful, customer-pleasing spice pastes, made the traditional way with authentic oil-roasted versions of popular dry spices and vegetables. Customize your own, or use one of our available global flavors.


Save time and money without sacrificing taste with our one-step, clean label, customizable systems that tenderize and deliver subtle layers of intense flavor. The right balance of oils and acids make your poultry, meat and seafood tender and flavorful.

Sauces, Demi-Glace & Gravy

Just one pound of sauce or gravy paste to one gallon of water delivers superior layers of taste, mouthfeel and aroma sure to please your customers’ discerning palates. Our one-step demi-glaces and gravies disperse easily, are process stable, don’t contain added MSG and offer a good cost-yield ratio.

Dry Mixed Seasoning Systems

Customize your products to meet a wide range of consumer taste preferences—all while managing your cost, time and margin challenges. Our holistic development approach and ingredient and application expertise shorten your time to market and reduce trial costs, while our small minimum requirements help you flexibly make formulation adjustments. Completely customizable, our dry blended seasoning ingredients are directly sourced, to address consumer claims and get you to market faster. Working on a Non-GMO Project Verified product? The majority of our seasonings and custom blends are non-GMO and we’ll support you in the process. From dry blends of Nashville Hot Chicken and Korean-Style Gochujang, to spray dried powders and consumer friendly label claims, our systems have you covered.

Spray Dried Powders

Deliver intense flavor or mouthfeel to your snack or bakery items with our spray dried powders. Choose from a variety of colored or uncolored cheese flavor profiles, as well as shortening or creaming agents. We deliver the stick-to-it-ness with a clean label and the flavor your customers love. Choose from a variety of cheese flavor profiles, as well as shortening or creaming agents.

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