Edible Beans and Bean Ingredients

When it comes to food, beans have it all. Packed with protein, fiber and other essential nutrients, this versatile and cost-effective "super food" offers a multitude of health and environmental benefits- truly making beans the complete package.

Health & Nutrition

In line with today's most important food trends, beans are low-fat, cholesterol-free and high in protein and fiber, offering consumers a list of health benefits that range from weight control to lowering the risk of heart disease. Beans also contain nutrients critical to overall health like calcium and iron, and are gluten-, allergen- and GMO-free.

  • Beans offer several nutrients critical to overall health including antioxidants, potassium, calcium, folate, magnesium and iron.
  • Beans are a great source of protein. One half cup of beans has the same amount of protein you'd find in one cup of milk.
  • Beans offer a rich amount of fiber for a healthy digestive tract, lower risk of heart disease and lower levels of cholesterol.
  • Both protein and fiber can play a critical role in weight control, promoting satiety to lower caloric intake.


Not only are beans good for you, but they're good for the environment, too. Besides converting atmospheric nitrogen into the kind of nitrogen that fertilizes plant growth, beans can grow in very little water, making it a responsible alternative to other vegetarian protein sources.

  • Bean plants convert nitrogen to useful nutrients-both for themselves as well as for plants around them.
  • Because the soil around a bean plant contains extra nutrients, it requires less fossil-fuel-derived commercial fertilizer. Less commercial fertilizer means less chance of water-contaminating runoff.
  • Another benefit of all this nitrogen conversion? Improved soil structure, which enables beans to grow in less water than its vegetarian protein cohorts.
  • ADM also offers a line of high-performance edible bean seeds to help promote sustainable bean growth all over the world.
  • Our edible bean facility in Enderlin, ND also operates entirely on sunflower seed hulls and other biomass cogeneration.


Beans aren't just a super food, but a super ingredient as well. In addition to a full line of dry beans, ADM also offers VegeFull Cooked Ground Beans as an alternative way to add nutrition to food applications ranging from soups to cookies to pet food and more- without altering flavor or appearance.

  • VegeFull is available in powder, grit, piece, whole, quick-prep whole and refried noodle form.
  • VegeFull Cooked Ground Bean products let you add the nutritional benefits of beans to just about any application- without changing taste, texture or appearance.
  • A simple way to create better-for-you foods, VegeFull can be incorporated into a rage of applications.
  • Triple-cleaned Dry Beans include Pinto, Black, Small Red, Navy, Great Northern, Dark Red Kidney, and Chickpea.
  • Beans come in all kinds of different shapes, forms and sizes.

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