Seedwest Edible Bean Seeds

When you need exceptional seed quality combined with incredible selection, you need Seedwest seed. Seedwest provides a product offering that meets the grower’s demand for consistent quality, purity, and pumped-up performance and disease resistance in the field.

In addition, Seedwest offers a line of high-quality dry bean and lima bean seeds to ensure customers are processing a top-level product. Produced only in the ideal climate of the Western U.S., Seedwest’s rigorous quality assurance program produces prime-quality seed that meets both growers’ and processors’ needs.

Amazing Agronomists

Seedwest consistently meets and maintains high-quality standards thanks to a full-time staff of expert agronomists. Highly trained and experienced, they arrange for production from seed stock, and oversee production and harvesting. They make recommendations by area and variety, for insect control, weed control, soil fertility, irrigation, and harvesting.

Eye on the Future

Seedwest’s world-class research and development program, based in Caldwell, Idaho, is continually innovating to take customers’ products to the next level. Focus is placed on enhancing quality, production and performance in the classes, varieties, and species that customers process.

Key Benefits of Seedwest seeds:

  • Excellent, consistent seed quality
  • Genetically pure, virtually disease free seed
  • Dry bean and lima bean seed selection
  • Produced in the ideal climate of the Western U.S.
  • Strict quality control program

ADM Seedwest Seed Variety Profile Library

Seed Selection:

  • Dry Bean
    • Black
    • Cranberry
    • Dark Red Kidney
    • Great Northern
    • Light Red Kidney
    • Mayocoba
    • Navy
    • Pink
    • Pinto
    • Small Red
    • White Kidney
  • Lima Beans