Industrial Starches

Whether you’re producing top quality color copy paper, gypsum wallboard or corrugated containers, ADM’s wide range of natural-source starches includes a high-quality product that will perform for you. And all of our products are primarily starch derived from renewable corn or wheat sources.

Excellent adhesive strength helps our starches perform well in corrugating and solid-fiber applications. They are also excellent for textile applications such as warp sizing and laundry starch.

ADM also has the products you need for laminating, wallpaper, bags and tube winding. And we even offer highly soluble dextrins that act as flocculants, depressants and flotation agents for mining.

The construction industry puts ADM’s special acid-modified starches to work as protective colloids to increase the strength of gypsum wallboard and uses our starch blends as adhesives for gypsum wallboard edges. Our phosphate starches are excellent for thickening and binding in joint compounds, paints and finishing textures.

Our unmodified starches are effective internal binders in waferboard and fiberboard.

ADM Starches

Corn Starch

  • Acid-Modified
  • Cationic wet-end
  • Hydroxyethyl
  • Oxidized
  • Unmodified
  • Cross-linked

Wheat Starch

  • Acid-Modified
  • Dextrin
  • Oxidized
  • Phosphate
  • Pre-gelatinized
  • Acetylated
  • Unmodified

Wet-end cationic starches increase your paper’s dry strength to allow for the addition of more fillers or secondary fiber. They are fully compatible with all papermaking systems: neutral, alkaline and acid.

Hydroxyethyl corn starches’ film-forming qualities make them ideal for size press coating and calendar sizing. They form continuous films that stay on substrate surfaces and have more transparency and flexibility and fewer tendencies to shrink, crack or craze.

Choose ADM dextrins when you want fast-drying seal adhesive for envelopes, high-quality gumming adhesives for labels and stamps and paper tape adhesives that absorb moisture evenly, yet provide quick tack and slow set.

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