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Colors from Nature®

Unlock Color Like No Other

Stay ahead of trends and delight consumers with ADM Colors from Nature®. Created through our proprietary extractions and blending techniques, these unsurpassed vibrant natural colors supply the widest range of natural and organic solutions that cover the rainbow of shades. We source raw materials from around the world to bring you our ever-expanding portfolio of Colors from Nature®.

Want to differentiate your brand with trend-forward blues and greens? ADM delivers unmatched solutions for on-trend blues and green shades that make for an eye-catching product. Only ADM can give you patented huito blue color solutions, delivering vibrant shades of not only blue and green, but also purple and brown—all sourced from nature.

We know how important color is to the formulation process. Without visual appeal, otherwise tasty foods and beverages may go unnoticed. Insta-worthy, inspired color is key to captivating today’s consumers.

Technical Expertise

Leverage our technical expertise and know-how, throughout the entire formulation and production process. Our technical experts know the ins and out to help you choose or develop the perfect shade for your application.

Taste—and Appearance—are King

Color plays a vital role in food and beverage selection. Not only does it delight the senses, it differentiates flavor expectations and aids in taste perceptions.

Clean Label Solutions

Colorful, yet clean label. Certified organic. Non-GMO. Show consumers your true colors. Choose from our wide range of label-friendly natural solutions and the best in class clean & clear product solutions.

Unrivaled Portfolio

With a full spectrum of Colors from Nature® in a wide range of delivery systems including liquid, emulsion, oil-dispersed, powder & micronized colors, you can create a rainbow of consumer-pleasing food and beverage choices.

Huito Blue Products

Our patented huito blue solutions deliver the industry’s only acid-, light- and heat-stable naturally derived colors. In the past, a solution which was acid-, light- and heat-stable had always missing. Now, huito solves the limitations for blue, purples, greens and browns that have been challenging for the industry for a while.

ADM Patented Emulsion Technology

Select from world-class, product solutions that give you an edge, including our exclusive clear emulsion technology. Solve the challenges of clear color in beverages to best meet consumers’ needs.

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