Adm Sale Terms 16 05 18 TurkishAdm Sales Terms 16 05 18 PolishAdm Sale Terms 16 05 18 FrancaisAdm Sales Terms 16 05 18 EnglishAdm Sale Terms 16 05 18 DeutschAdm Sales Terms 16 05 18 CzechAdm Sale Terms 16 05 18 BulgarianIn Europe, ADM processes crops such as oilseeds and wheat to produce ingredients for food and animal feed. We are also a leading producer of biodiesel fuel. Our European headquarters is located in Rolle, Switzerland, a village on the shore of Lake Geneva.

ADM’s European headquarters in Rolle, Switzerland houses our Global Trading Desk where employees are responsible for trading and purchasing such crops as rapeseed, sunflower, palm and soy. The office is also home to ADM’s finance, HR, legal, marketing and commercial activities for the Company’s regional businesses. Our Rolle office, ADM International Sàrl, overseas operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

In France, ADM refines crude vegetable oils at a facility in the northern city of Arras. Our engineers and chemists specialize in creating fats and oils for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

In Germany, ADM operates Europe’s largest oilseeds crushing and refinery complex, where rapeseed and soybeans are processed and refined for use in margarines and vegetable oils, bakery goods, frying applications, pharmaceutical glycerine and biodiesel fuel. In addition, ADM operates three manufacturing facilities for natural ingredients and compounds. 

In Ireland, ADM imports and distributes ingredients for food and animal feed. We supply food manufacturers with soy proteins, lecithin, xanthan gum, lactates, fructose and provide livestock producers with amino acids and soy protein concentrate.

In the Netherlands, ADM is a leading processor of oilseeds. ADM operates a facility that crushes soybeans, a commercial office for specialty food and feed ingredients as well as a specialty ingredients production site.

In Romania, ADM operates a trading office, eight elevators, two origination facilities, as well as shallow water port facilities comprised of barges and tug boats that handle oilseeds and other commodities.

In Slovakia, ADM operates two grain elevators, which store and supply local crops for our European processing facilities.

In Spain, ADM operates a trading office in Madrid for grains and a specialty ingredients production facility in Valencia that processes natural raw materials into food ingredients used in beverages, dairy, confectionery and bakery applications.

In Turkey, ADM owns is a corn wet mill production plant located in Adana, in southern Turkey, where we make a wide range of corn-based products for the food, beverage, paper, packaging and animal nutrition industries.

In the United Kingdom, ADM mills more than 800’000 tons of wheat per year at seven facilities in England and Scotland, and we sell the resulting flours, bakery mixes and other ingredients to companies that manufacture cereals and baked goods, among other items. We also supply edible oils and fats to the U.K. food industries through Olenex Trading (U.K) Limited, ADM’s joint venture with Wilmar. Alongside these operations are ADM Direct, a division of Archer Daniels Midland (UK) Limited, ADM’s grains and oilseeds sourcing company; ADM Investor Services International Limited, ADM’s London-based investor services branch; and ADM Arkady Ltd., which supplies feed products to commercial customers.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest producers of sunflower seeds. There, ADM runs a large crushing plant, a grain terminal, six silos and a trading company for sunflower seed products, many of which are shipped to international markets through the port of Odessa.

Our sales office in Russia serves the food and feed industries in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia with a product line that includes soy proteins, lecithin, xanthan gum, lactates and fructose. ADM has been trading wheat, corn, soybeans and soybean meal in Russia since 1980.