About ADM in Belgium

In Belgium, ADM Antwerp N.V., employs more than 80 employees. With a fully-automated warehouse and operations at the Port of Antwerp, we are ideally situated to serve customers across Europe, with particular strength in northwestern Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

ADM’s presence in Belgium began in 2015, with the acquisition of AOR N.V., a privately held oil bottling company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The acquisition allowed ADM to expand its offering and customer base in Europe, providing entry into the European retail and foodservice markets and an enhanced ability to export value-added products.

ADM Antwerp N.V. today is a leader in the bottling and distribution of edible oils in Europe. Its brands include Oilio® edible oils from a variety of sources, including rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower and specific blends in a large range of packaging formats to suit customer needs. 

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ADM Antwerp N.V.
Rostockweg 17 – Kaai 312a
2030 Antwerp
Tel.: +32 3 541 38 07