About ADM France 

In France, ADM operates a refinery, under our subsidiary brand SIO, for specialty oils and fats in Arras, in northern France, as well as a processing plant in the Champagne Ardenne region, under our subsidiary brand Chamtor, which transforms and processes wheat into starch-based products.

About SIO 

At SIO’s facilities located in Arras, employees work to convert crude sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, olive and sesame oil into highly purified and refined oils.


SIO provides responsible and innovative solutions for vegetable oils with nutritional or functional benefits, and a high degree of product safety. SIO’s vegetable oils are compliant with environmental requirements, food safety regulations and sustainable development standards. SIO utilizes a vast range of raw materials derived from vegetable oils to produce specialty oils & fats used in pharmaceutical, food, feed and cosmetic products. SIO manufactures injectable-grade pharmaceutical oils both as APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and as excipients for oil-soluble drugs, and offers an extensive range of highly purified oils from vegetable origin that are supported by DMFs (Drug Master Files). These oils meet all relevant pharmaceutical regulations for use as either API’s or excipients, and are manufactured according to pharmaceutical cGMP standards.

In addition, SIO offers contract manufacturing capabilities with cGMP production capacity and laboratories audited by the FDA. We also have GMP refining, hydrogenation and esterification workshops.

SIO’s products are exported across the world, but the primary markets are in Europe and Asia. For more information on SIO’s product offerings and operations please consult

About Chamtor

Chamtor transforms and processes wheat into starch-based products for use in food, feed and technical applications and provides technical expertise in product formulation.



Chamtor’s wide product range includes glucose syrups and glucose-fructose syrups, vital or hydrolyzed wheat proteins, starch, and wheat germs.  These products offer high quality solutions to provide texture, transparency, taste, shelf life extension and nutritional balance.

At the last Food Ingredient Europe (FIE) tradeshow in Paris, Chamtor was awarded for its new protein concentrate named Nutriance, which is often used in sports nutrition and nutritional products for the elderly. 


As a long-term actor in the animal feed industry, Chamtor provides a range of high quality materials (glucose syrup, starch, vital or hydrolyzed wheat proteins and wheat solubles) for animal feed. The product characteristics include dispersibility, texture, digestibility, palatability, neutral flavor, visco-elasticity and are sources of carbohydrates or cellulose.

Applications are varied such as in: Milk for calves and piglets Pet foods and aquaculture Feed for cattle and pigs


Chamtor’s starch-based products (glucose syrup, starch, vital or hydrolyzed proteins and wheat soluble) are used in the production of paper-cardboard, biofuels, cosmetics, building materials, glues and adhesives, compost, to name just a few.