About ADM in Italy

In Italy, ADM’s 70 employees operate a manufacturing plant in Carpi offering animal nutrition premix (for all species including pets), minerals, concentrates and feed additives, as well as an analysis laboratory in Modena and a human nutrition office in Bergamo.

The Modena laboratory, located in the region of Emilia Romagna in the north of Italy, is at the heart of the food production region. With over 40 years’ expertise, the laboratory offers a wide range of analytical services with expertise in food, feed and pet food.

ADM offers colors, flavors, flavor systems, extracts, sweetening solution, juices, plant-based proteins, fibers and other specialty ingredients for beverage and food applications through a sales office and an application laboratory in Dalmine (Bergamo).

Contact Us

Animal Nutrition
Viale del Commercio 28/30
41012 CARPI MO, Italy
Telephone: +39 059 637314

Via Staffette Partigiane 42
41122 Modena MO, Italy
Telephone: +39 059 310759

Human Nutrition
ADM Italia Srl
Via Abruzzo 6
24044 Dalmine (BG), Italy
Telephone: +39 035 373797