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United Kingdom

About ADM UK

ADM has one of the most extensive agricultural operations in the U.K. This includes one of the UK’s largest import and distribution business of non-grain feed ingredients, a crop origination and marketing business, storage, freight and logistic services, seven flour mills, two oil refineries, a pulse and seed processing plant, an oils & fats packaging facility, a probiotic supplement manufacturing facility and a flavors and specialty ingredients sales office, altogether employing more than 1’260 people. Alongside these operations is ADM Investor Services International Limited, ADM’s London-based investor services branch.


ADM Agriculture Limited

Sourcing Directly From U.K. Farmers

ADM Agriculture Limited sources rapeseed and milling wheat directly from U.K. farmers for ADM’s processing facilities throughout the U.K. Our Team of dedicated crop marketing specialists supply wheat, malting and feed barley, and other cereals and pulses to a wide range of U.K. consumers, as well as to export markets. We also supply an extensive variety of quality seeds covering all combinable crops and small seeds to suit agronomic requirements and the needs of food and feed customers alongside a range of fertilizers.

Grain Trading, Storage and Logistic Services

Through our destination marketing division, ADM supplies grain and non-grain feed ingredients via 20 ports across the UK, encompassing state-of-the-art discharging equipment and fully accredited warehousing facilities. Our wide ranging portfolio of inland and port storage facilities enables us to offer local and proficient drying and storage facilities to farmers and end consumers throughout the year.

Pulse and Seed Processing

Located in South Lincolnshire, ADM operates one of the largest pulse and seed processing plants in the U.K. for both domestic and global human consumption and seed markets. All our products are certified to industry leading standards including the ESTA assurance scheme, BRC Food Safety standard and TASCC trade assurance, highlighting our commitment to the quality of our products and certified standards.

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Oilseeds Processing

Oils Processing, Packaging & Refining

Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries Archer Daniels Midland Erith Ltd. and Pura Foods Ltd., we refine liquid oils including rapeseed and high-oleic rapeseed, linseed, sunflower seed, and high-oleic sunflower and winterized sunflower seed. We also refine tropical oils including palm, palm olein, palm stearine, palm kernel, palm kernel stearine and coconut. In addition, we blend and pack many of these oils at our specialty oil refinery and packaging facility in Purfleet, Essex. As one of the largest processing facilities in the U.K., ADM Erith Ltd. processes approximately 1 million tonnes of rapeseed each year. The plant crushes the seeds and refines the crude oil into about 385,000 tonnes of refined oil that is used in a variety of food ingredients and in biofuels throughout Europe. The meal from these crushing operations is used as feed by livestock producers in the U.K., France and Ireland. Our technical services department, which focuses on quality assurance and product development, includes a bakery and a culinary facility at our Purfleet plant, where we develop and test oils and fats for baking and frying. Also at the facility is a sensory evaluation panel made up of trained oil tasters.

Carbohydrate Solutions

ADM Milling U.K.

ADM Milling processes more than 800’000 tonnes of wheat per year from sources around the world. We operate seven flour mills across England and Scotland, serving customers ranging from small craft bakers to large, multinational manufacturers.

Our primary products include a range of white, brown, whole-meal and specialty flours, all of which are available either in bulk or bagged form. In addition, we offer an extensive range of bakery mixes, ingredients and bakers’ sundries, and have a research and development facility in Avonmouth, near Bristol.

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WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients

ADM’s WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients business is one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry. ADM markets Ingredients products out of an office in Luton.

ADM Protexin Limited

ADM Protexin is a provider of probiotic supplements for both human and animal use based in Somerset. The company, known under its umbrella brand Protexin®, produces the popular Bio-Kult® brand of probiotic supplements that supports gut health, along with contract-manufactured products.

Our Partnerships

Olenex Trading (U.K.) Limited

Olenex Trading (U.K.) Limited is the U.K. division of Olenex, a joint venture between ADM and Wilmar. Through Olenex Trading (U.K) Limited, we supply edible oils and fats – including the popular Frymax®, Peerless™ and Wesson® brands—to customers throughout the U.K. Olenex customers include manufacturers of ready meals, biscuits and bakery items, crisps and snacks, frozen foods, confectionery products, mayonnaise, soups, ice cream, margarines and spreads.