Quality & Food Safety

Quality & Food Safety

ADM is commited to delivering safe and high-quality products to our customers around the globe.

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Quality is at the Center of All We Do

Commitment to Quality

ADM’s core responsibility is to provide our customers with safe, wholesome, high-quality products that meet their specifications.

ADM’s Quality Management System (QMS) is driven by Quality 4.0 and is informed by leading industry standards. ADM’s QMS is process-centric and covers all GxP aspects of ADM’s business.



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ADM is committed to:

  • Providing safe, high-quality raw materials, ingredients, products and services
  • Delivering industry-leading customer satisfaction & customer experience
  • Drive innovation and increased product quality & safety through Continuous Improvement & Performance Excellence
  • Establish & maintain mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and other external parties
  • Driving enhanced product traceability and efficiency through the use of digital technologies

Through our company purpose, with quality at the core, we are committed to:

  • Driving excellence in Quality and Food Safety Practices for all products
  • Establishing a robust and standardized approach to Quality and Food Safety
  • Manufacturing all products safely and meet all applicable laws and regulatory requirements
  • Quality and Food Safety programs that differentiate and serve as the benchmark in the industry

To achieve our Quality Goals, we:

  • Engage employees at all levels of the organization to build a quality culture
  • Monitor and focus on the effectiveness of our quality management system
  • Improve through the implementation of quality standards and best practices enhancing customer satisfaction
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Quotation below

Across our wide pantry of products, we expect our customers to receive flawless food safety, peerless quality and excellent service.

Juan Luciano

Chairman & CEO of ADM