Emulsifiers & Hydrocolloids

Emulsifiers & Hydrocolloids

ADM provides consistent, cost-effective, plant-based texture ingredients for a broad range of applications.

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Unlock Winning Functionality

Our emulsifiers are lecithins derived from various crops such as soy, canola / rapeseed and sunflower. ADM’s xanthan gum is a gluten-free hydrocolloid available in multiple solutions. Whatever your product requires, we have a hydrocolloid or emulsifier that is right for you.

A Legacy of Expertise

We continue to grow our legacy of expertise across functional texture ingredients—polyols, emulsifiers and hydrocolloids—that began in the 1940s, as the first company in the U.S. to make commercial soy lecithin. Our emulsifiers and hydrocolloids provide reliable quality, while our distribution network ensures a dependable supply. We leverage our technical expertise to work with you to create customizable solutions and increase your speed to market.

Sustainable Supply

ADM’s partnership with carefully selected growers provides the highest quality ingredients and consistency, from field to market. Unlike many other emulsifier and hydrocolloid products, ours are fully derived from plants and produced in the U.S. via fermentation from plant-based sources at our own dedicated manufacturing facility.


Key Products & Benefits


Our xanthan gum delivers high viscosity at low concentrations, and can be used in both industrial and personal care applications. Highly resistant to the effects of enzymes, pH, heat and shear, our xanthan gum is an ideal textural solution for your products. It provides rheology in paints and coatings, promotes shear thinning in oil drilling, thickens body and hair care products, improves mouthfeel in toothpaste and more.

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Lecithins from ADM are available in different formulations to best suit your emulsifier needs. They can be used in a variety of applications including paints and inks, oilfield and drilling, latex production and agrochemical sprays. Our emulsifiers offer functional benefits when used as texturizers, dispersants, release agents, thickeners and more.

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