ADM and IMGS Group Partner for Joint Venture in Pakistan

ADM and IMGS Group Partner for Joint Venture in Pakistan


The JV with the IMGS Group enables ADM to extend our destination marketing platform to new territories and support our commitment to increase food security

Food security is a critical issue, and ADM is at the forefront of the global effort to move food around the globe. With our global footprint, unparalleled product portfolio, and indispensable expertise to respond to global events we’re meeting global nutritional needs.

To expand our capabilities further, ADM and the IMGS Group signed an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture in Pakistan on Nov 15, 2022.

IMGS is one of the leading professional cargo handling and port operations companies in the world. Established in Canada, nearly sixty years ago, the group owns and operates cargo terminals in Asia, Africa and North America and has a growing network of 65 ports globally. They have a long history of discharging cargo in Pakistan.

“The launch of the new joint venture in Pakistan is an exciting opportunity to combine resources and experience in order to move large volumes of food and agricultural products from areas of production to areas of demand. The partnership strengthens our ability to keep product flowing in dynamic, challenging global conditions,“ says Jerome Daven, Finance Director, Global Trade. 

The joint venture will handle grains, oilseeds, feedstuffs, pulses and will sell goods domestically in the territory of Pakistan.

ADM is a pillar of the global food supply system, playing a critical role in ensuring all people have access to the fundamental nutrition they need. At times of significant challenge and volatility, it takes companies with significant capabilities to meet those needs. “Pakistan is currently severely affected by a devastating flood, threating people’s lives and damaging infrastructure, crops and livestock. Through ADM Cares, ADM’s philanthropic arm, we committed USD 200,000 to support the country in their efforts to rebuild affected areas,” adds Jerome Daven.