Expanded Protein Choices

Expanded Protein Choices

The demand for variety of protein sources is increasing as flexitarians expand their search for resilient food systems.

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Conscious consumers are opting for a flexitarian approach to eating that puts choice at the center of their search for a more resilient food system that aligns with their needs related to positive nutrition, sustainability, and exploration. Plantbased reflects ideals around a balanced approach to eating that also incorporates variety, while precise and responsibly fed animal-based products are increasingly seen as addressing food quality and nutrition while also increasing efficiency for farmers.

Growth Opportunities

  • Affordable and easy-to-prepare alternative proteins to create more inclusive and accessible end products
  • Future-proof fermented, plant- and cellbased products via simple processing, positive nutrition and ethical production
  • Focus on real, simple ingredients as consumers aspire to ‘whole-food health’ in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives
  • Tailored animal nutrition for specific health or regional needs with science backed, species-specific optimization
  • Highlight narratives of animal nutrition and welfare which result in a healthier, higher quality product for the consumer
  • Transparent sourcing and production methods that speak to food safety and sustainability

A Winning Edge

  • Expertise in high-performing plantbased alternative proteins for both human and animal nutrition
  • Regionally-sourced pantry of diverse alternative proteins and nutrient-dense ingredients to offer multisensorial taste & texture
  • Flavors for full solutions in plant-based capabilities for meat and dairy replacement, as well as specialized nutrition formulations
  • Deep knowledge of feed additives and ingredients as well as the nutritional needs of animals for optimization
  • Improvement of the nutritional profile and organoleptic quality of end-animal products
  • Holistic approaches for the reduction of antibiotic use and alternative means to support animal health and welfare
  • Lower cost of production through tailored feed solutions
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