Humanization of Pets

Humanization of Pets

Pets are increasingly being treated as family members, especially as people recently spent more time at home bonding with their pets and identifying their unique needs.

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Challenged by changing lifestyles and a return to work, pet parents wish to proactively support their pet’s physical and mental well-being and are increasingly expecting high quality ingredients and tailored functional benefits in the food they provide.



  • Human-grade whole food to support quality of life in body and mind
  • Science-backed, real-food solutions for proactive health management with species-specificity
  • Variety of customizable and functional benefits for the whole pet
  • Culinary attributes and quality production


A Winning Edge—Why ADM?

  • Fully integrated solutions partner from ingredient to turnkey finished product development in pet food.
  • Vast array of wholesome and science-backed functional ingredients tailored to health-forward pet offerings and solutions
  • Expertise in human nutrition allows for a deeper understanding of pet nutrition, as we adopt and translate key human trends into what is most applicable for pets' health and well-being
  • Expertise in animal nutrition to offer solutions that consider species-specific dietary needs to maximize the companion animals' health for the long term
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