Trusted & Traceable Ingredients

Trusted & Traceable Ingredients

Knowing what’s in their food, how it was made, where it came from, and who made it has become central to the consumer purchasing journey.

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To garner trust among consumers, it has become increasingly important that traceability efforts communicate not only what is in a product but where the ingredients were sourced, how the product was produced/processed, who made it and under what conditions. Driven by a demand for transparency and food safety, consumers desire a connection to the food they eat and the communities they support.

Growth Opportunities

  • Raise the baseline standard of clean ingredient panels by speaking to the entire supply chain
  • Promote kitchen level ingredients that are simple and recognizable
  • Highlight connections to indigenous farming practices and global culinary traditions; incorporate narratives of provenance
  • Leverage advanced technologies (QR codes, Blockchain) to feature safety and
    sustainability standards
  • Enhanced documentation and digitization of production practices to support traceable animal feed agriculture and husbandry

A Winning Edge

  • Broad range of pantry solutions focused on simple, recognizable ingredients, minimal processing, no artificial ingredients and organic and non-GMO sourcing
  • Transparent policies and commitments that prevent deforestation and human rights violations
  • Remote satellite monitoring to ensure socio-environmental commitments are being complied with by suppliers and partners
  • Traceability program to ensure compliance with current legislation related to social sustainability
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