ADM Biopolis VP Wins NutraChampion Award for Lifetime Achievement

ADM Biopolis VP Wins NutraChampion Award for Lifetime Achievement

When ADM acquired Biopolis in 2017, it wasn't just adding physical capabilities - it was adding industry-leading expertise in the groundbreaking world of probiotics and other microbial technologies. For evidence, look no further than Biopolis founder, and current ADM vice president of R&D for Health & Wellness, Daniel Ramón Vidal, who was just awarded the NutraChampion Award for a lifetime of exceptional work in probiotic science and product development.

Cosponsored by and VitaFoods Europe 2019, the NutraChampion award celebrates "those who leave a lasting impact on nutrition and the nutrition industry." No doubt that describes Ramón Vidal, who has more than three decades of experience in fields including functional foods, food biotechnology, microbial biotechnology and genomics, has co-authored over 100 patents, and has won multiple recognitions for his work.

But Ramón Vidal makes it very clear the award wasn't just about him - it was about ADM's accomplished and enthusiastic team of scientists and non-scientists alike who are expanding our knowledge of microbial technologies.

"I would not have received this award if not for the impressive team I am privileged to work with every day," he said. "Every group, every department contributed to this honor - and are contributing to the groundbreaking work we're doing."

Ramón Vidal received his award at Vitafoods Europe 2019 in Geneva, where ADM Biopolis was also recognized for recent scientific advances related to its proprietary strains, including its latest research on Atopic Dermatitis and weight management.

This prestigious industry recognition demonstrates ADM Nutrition's successful growth investments in the probiotics and microbiome space. Beginning with the acquisition of Biopolis in 2017, ADM has since bolstered its position with the purchase of natural healthcare supplement manufacturer Protexin in 2018, along with partnerships with Vland Biotech and Mayo clinic, and the construction of a new cutting-edge lab dedicated to enzyme research.

ADM is continuing to invest in the growth of its capabilities to support customers in creating health-focused products through the development of microbial technologies.

See what Daniel Ramón Vidal has to say about his honor in the video. [1]


[1] Daniel Ramón Vidal Wins NutraChampion Award for Lifetime Achievement