ADM Expands Global Protein Capabilities with Decatur Innovation Center

As the global population grows, there is an increasing need for more protein sources that address three overarching macro trends in nutrition – food security, sustainability and health and well-being. To support people around the world today and in the future, ADM is building upon its leading protein capabilities with its Protein Innovation Center in Decatur, Ill.

"Advancing our capabilities is crucial to supporting a secure and sustainable food system," said Allyson Fish, president, Global Plant and Alternative Proteins, ADM. "Modernizing our Protein Innovation Center fosters a space for future-forward research, discoveries and development, tapping our diverse team of experts and investing in industry-leading technologies."

With advanced labs, cutting-edge processing technology and pilot-scale production for research-focused innovation, the center delivers critical nutritional value and exceptional sensory experiences through diverse protein choices. Each of these attributes are critical to consumer acceptance and adoption of new protein options, with ADM Outside Voice℠ research showing that both taste and nutrition are equally important to consumers across markets and regions1.

The 36,000-square-foot center provides ample space for state-of-the-art resources, processing technologies and equipment across multiple specialized labs, including those for protein development, extrusion and thermal and dry processing. The facility enables innovation, design and creation of products optimized for nutrition, taste, texture and performance that meet consumers' high expectations.

Additionally, pilot-scale capabilities demonstrate ADM's commercial process on a smaller, more controlled level, helping brands reach goals for consumer-preferred protein offerings that push boundaries now, while also looking to what's next with novel technologies, systems and sources.

"We're connecting the entire value chain – from farm to fork – in one location," said Fish. "From protein ingredient development to scaling novel concepts, our Protein Innovation Center is designed with technologies and talent who are focused on accelerating what's possible in protein production."

The Protein Innovation Center further develops ADM's Decatur complex, joining it with the existing Food Application Center and Animal Nutrition Technology Center, cultivating important collaboration and innovation opportunities across teams and with customers.

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1ADM Outside Voice℠, Global Protein Consumer Discovery Report, January 2023