ADM Introduces "Faces of Food" Video Series

ADM Introduces "Faces of Food" Video Series

Series showcases the hard work, perseverance and challenges that producers face and overcome to grow our nation's food

ADM is bringing forward authentic stories of producers and their crucial role in our nation's food supply chain through a new video series titled "Faces of Food." Each episode features a different farm family, their unique operation, challenges they've faced, and how local community support has been a factor in their growth, innovation and success.


"We work with producers on a daily basis and, for most, their work is their life and their legacy," said Doug Roose, vice president of Producer Marketing for ADM's Ag Services and Oilseeds business. "Their role in our food chain as the critical starting point is often misunderstood and criticized. The goal of our new series is to create a better understanding and appreciation of life on the farm."

Three episodes of "Faces of Food" are currently available to view on, and each provides a compelling look into the hard work and passion producers have for growing crops, raising livestock and land conservation for future generations. Below is an overview of each episode:

Episode 1: Spring Blizzard – Clark Coleman, co-owner of the D.J. Coleman Farm of Baldwin, N.D., reflects on the harrowing spring blizzard that caused him to fear for his son's safety and the devastating loss of calves. The Coleman farm is a diversified operation with 8,000 acres of crops and 500 head of beef cows.


Episode 2: Lifeblood of Rural America – Bob and Eric Beckman are row-crop farmers in Pender, Neb. Their love of farming and close ties to the local community have been instrumental in keeping their operation going strong after Eric was in a life-changing accident.


Episode 3: Gateway to the World  – RH Habbe IV is a fifth-generation farmer in southern Illinois near St. Louis. He’s always finding new ways to improve his operation and preserve his family’s way of life for the next generation – his daughter and son.


Trusted Relationships


Along with family support, producers surround themselves with community partners, like ADM, for assistance with crop production, grain marketing, insurance, financial planning, crop inputs and other areas of their operation.

In "Faces of Food," viewers see ADM representatives Guy Christensen, Eric Leisy, Don Bergschneider and Mary Liz Brown, who are business partners to the producers featured in the initial episodes.

Producer Clark Coleman has sold sunflowers, soybeans, wheat and canola to ADM for more than a decade. He has built a trusting relationship with Christensen, who says Clark is always looking to improve and innovate his farming practices.


"Clark is the first guy to volunteer to have somebody out to the field to show what he’s doing, show the results of his work, and share that with the public," Christensen says.

Producer Eric Beckman looks to ADM to help market corn and soybeans. With the markets constantly changing, he says it’s hard to know when to sell.


"They're really good people to work with. I talk to them probably three to four times a week," Beckman notes. "You have to have a plan, and ADM has helped us a lot on the marketing end."

Producer RH Habbe values his relationship with Don Bergschneider. "It doesn’t have to be just grain marketing he helps me with," Habbe explains. "Sometimes it's just family stuff and he's helped me work through some issues there as well."

Upcoming Episodes

ADM plans to produce more episodes in 2023 to continue sharing the real, authentic look into the lives and work of producers and those who support their operations. ADM is seeking more stories and welcomes submissions from producers across the country.

To learn more about the series, watch the current episodes and submit ideas, visit The site also serves as a great resource for learning more about agriculture and the people who are its lifeblood. Check out our Knowledge Center to listen to our podcast, read professional guidance or enroll in our online learning course, Shift.