ADM Joins Brazilian Business Sector in Offering Support to Amazon Council

ADM Joins Brazilian Business Sector in Offering Support to Amazon Council

As members of the Brazilian Business Sector, ADM is continuing to reinforce our commitment to environmental conservation in Brazil, as signatories of a letter to the Brazilian government, alongside leaders of more than 60 large Brazilian and global companies.




"We have to make the right choices now and start redirecting investments for the recovery of the Brazilian economy based on a circular, low-carbon and inclusive economy model, one that has no room for inconsistency between producing and preserving," Domingo Lastra, president, ADM Latin America, said.

"We believe this is the best path for us to lay the country's cornerstone for the next generations. Otherwise we run the risk of being pushed to the margins of our own history."

The Brazilian Business Sector has offered to provide input and contribute solutions to the Amazon Council regarding:

  • Inflexible and comprehensive fight against illegal deforestation in the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes;
  • Social and economic inclusion of local communities to guarantee the preservation of forests;
  • Minimizing the environmental impact in the use of natural resources, seeking efficiency and productivity in the economic activities derived therefrom;
  • Valuing and preserving biodiversity as an integral part of business strategies;
  • Adoption of carbon credit trading mechanisms;
  • Targeting financing and investments towards a circular economy and low carbon; and
  • Incentive packages for economic recovery from the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19 conditioned to a circular and low carbon economy.

"At this moment, when we face an extreme, extraordinary and exceptional situation, it is very important to maintain serenity and balance so that we can overcome and emerge strengthened from the challenges that arise," Lastra added. "At no time in history has the future of humanity and the planet depended so much on our ability to understand that we live on a single planet and that our survival is directly linked to the preservation and enhancement of its natural resources."