ADM Makes it Easier for U.S. Customers to Access Foundational Ingredients with

ADM has launched a new online storefront,, providing accessibility and convenience to essential ingredients for producers across the U.S. food industry. Designed for a wide range of U.S. audiences – from bakers to chefs, brewers, entrepreneurs, product manufacturers and beyond – enables access and purchase of ingredients in smaller quantities.

Whether for small-batch, scale-up or localized product manufacturing, all businesses and industry professionals need a reliable source of high-quality ingredients that can accommodate any order quantity, including smaller minimum order quantities (MOQs).

"We are dedicated to supporting businesses at any size, whether it be directly from ADM's integrated asset and supply chain network, preferred distribution partners or our new e-commerce platform," said Andrew Moore, President, Sweetening & Texturizing at ADM. "Both small-scale businesses and large-scale manufacturers will find added value and benefits through the platform to help overcome logistical challenges, offering convenience, reliability and flexibility through an efficient, easy-to-navigate interface with an extensive selection of ingredients and solutions to fit product formulation needs and creative goals."

"This new online platform delivers significant support to growing businesses," continued Moore. "By using, businesses that anticipate scaling operations will have an already-established relationship with the ADM team, providing support for evolving needs throughout a business's growth trajectory."

Solutions available on are produced and sourced from ADM's integrated supply chain:

•    A range of sweetening options, from bulk nutritive sweeteners, low- and no-calorie, to specialty solutions like agave, honey and molasses.
•    Dextrose, used in sweet baked goods, as well as in brewing and fermentation.
•    Acidulants like citric acid, which help elevate flavor and improve stability and moisture control in a variety of applications.
•    Resistant tapioca starch that contains 90% insoluble dietary fiber, ideal for baking while also supporting high-fiber, gluten-free and keto-friendly applications. currently spotlights ingredients from ADM's Carbohydrate Solutions business, with plans to expand and include more ingredients and solutions from ADM’s wider ingredients library on the platform.

"Companies, both large and small, across the food industry can now easily access and purchase ADM's foundational ingredients and specialty solutions that are needed to appeal to today's discerning consumers," said Moore. "These ingredients and solutions adhere to the same high-quality standards as the ingredients in our trusted supply chain, delivering exceptional functionality and key sensory attributes for various formulation and end application targets." is a streamlined ingredient procurement platform with delivery to the contiguous 48 states of the U.S., reaching customers within 5-7 business days. For simple and seamless transactions, payment is processed using a credit card.

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