ADM Featured in Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business Summit

ADM Featured in Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business Summit

ADM Chairman and CEO Juan Luciano joined top executives at the 2020 Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit Global to discuss building a sustainable and resilient supply chain. Luciano shared the challenges facing the food industry as companies like ADM work across the value chain to develop sustainable solutions to feed the world’s growing population.

As the bridge between producers and consumer facing brands, ADM advances sustainable practices throughout the entire agricultural value chain.

“We have a unique position of influence,” said Luciano. “We use our operational scale, our supplier relationships, and our on the ground partnerships to advance the wellbeing of people and the health of our planet. We support low carbon farming practices, supply chain traceability, water efficiency, and waste management.”

By promoting ethical and responsible sourcing practices, ADM helps build a more sustainable food system that delivers nutrition and wellness, while driving long-term business performance.

“We are very optimistic about the future of the food industry,” Luciano said. “By leveraging the technological innovation, by harnessing the rapid science of regeneration, and by capitalizing on the commitments from consumers and companies across the value chain, a new food economy is on the horizon.”

ADM Chief Sustainability Officer Alison Taylor also spoke at the summit. She emphasized in her remarks that consumers around the world increasingly expect their food and drink to come from sustainable ingredients, produced by companies that share their values.

For example, ADM’s recent trend survey found that 65% of global consumers try to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions.

They want food that is both good for the world, and good for their families. ADM is meeting those demands with clean labels, supply chain transparency, and innovative plant-based products, Taylor said.


Juan Luciano at Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit