ADM’s Innovative Prebiotic Solution Secures Further Industry Recognition

ADM’s Innovative Prebiotic Solution Secures Further Industry Recognition

LoremADM’s Fibersol® has been recognized by industry influencers at the 2021 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards, securing the Ingredient of the Year: Prebiotic award. This is testament to our commitment to advancing science through customer-centric innovations, backed by our robust research and development capabilities and informed by powerful market and consumer insights.

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Empowered by a contemporary wellness lifestyle, consumers recognize that dietary fiber can play an important role in delivering health-forward nutrition, with 63 percent trying to add more to their diet.[1] Fibersol® is a proven, well-tolerated and soluble dietary fiber that helps deliver the benefits of fiber without compromising on taste and texture, or creating gastric discomfort and digestive intolerance at daily levels recommended by expert scientific organizations that evaluate nutrient standards.


Based on over 30 years of extensive clinical research, Fibersol® is shown to reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal, and can delay hunger by stimulating appetite-regulating hormones. It also helps maintain intestinal regularity and provides support for the gut, which is being increasingly linked to a variety of health concerns. Indeed, 48 percent of US consumers agree good digestive health is important for overall wellbeing.[2]


The judges particularly admired the extensive research behind Fibersol®, as well as the evidence of its significant commercial uptake and the range of health benefits it can support.


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