ADM's Leadership in Plant-based Protein

ADM's Leadership in Plant-based Protein

Whether they're vegan, flexitarian or just adventurous eaters, today's consumers are looking for more protein from more sources.

"What consumers really want now in the alternative protein space is…everything. They want taste. They want texture. And they want nutrition," said Shelley Rudisill, ADM's Manager of Product Development & Applications.




This new video [1] showcases the role ADM plays in this trend that's on so many people's minds and plates.

The world's largest food and beverage companies and leading-edge startups are working with ADM as they chart their course in this new reality.

"It makes me proud when a lot of these innovative companies are coming to ADM to find the deeper solution," said Kurt Long, ADM's Director of Flexitarian Solutions.

But ADM's protein leadership isn't new. In 1966, we developed textured vegetable protein and have led the space ever since.

What does that leadership look like today? We bring together a wide array of protein ingredients, deep know-how and keen insights.

Whether it's format or flavor, temperature or texture, we understand what consumers want today. We have a pulse on what they'll want tomorrow. And we know how to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

So while you may not see our name on your foods, you can see and taste ADM's work on the plant-based protein on your menu, in your pantry or desk, and on your table.


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